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PTA Meeting

The February Lewis PTA meeting will be held on Tuesday, February 5, 2013 at 6:30 in Room 17. Our music teacher, Mr. Jamesbarry will be discussing our music program. Child care is provided.

PTA Meeting Minutes: September 21, 2011 Meeting

Meriwether Lewis Elementary PTA Meeting Minutes
September 21,2011
Lewis cafeteria
Quorum met.
Meeting was called to order by PTA Co-President Rebecca Geisen at 6:36

New Business
Scott Overton, Region 2 Director, Oregon PTA, explained that our PTA lost it’s nonprofit status due to lack of filing appropriate paperwork. The IRS is trying to get more information on nonprofit organizations so if they are not filing their paperwork (electronic postcard stating that we made less that $50,000)the IRS is revoking their status. The IRS generated a list of schools in Oregon in this situation and sent it Oregon PTA but we were not on this list.
He then walked us through the easiest way to deal with the situation.
Step 1-to dissolve our current PTA by resolution and 50% vote
Step 2-begin Process of starting a new PTA which requires a 2/3 majority vote.

Rebecka Amodei moved to dissolve Meriwether Lewis Elementary PTA.
Jeanette Finley seconded the motion.
Discussion ensued. Business would go on as per usual, convening 2 PTAs for the 45 days until the new PTA is fully functioning.
Donations can be accepted but are not tax deductible for the donor until we have the new PTA number and the new PTA is fully functioning.
We will need new PTA number, new Federal tax number.
A vote was then take. The motion passed unanimously.

Jeannette Finley moved that any business for the 45 day interim period between dissolving the old PTA & new PTA being fully functioning whoever is present at PTA meetings and is a current PTA Member can vote and make decisions for the dissolved Meriwether Lewis PTA.
Brianna Weatherly seconded
Motion passed unanimously

Until the Lewis Elementary PTA is fully functioning voting member will be those who were registered last year during the 2010/11 school year as they are registered members until October 31, 2011. Any one registering since the beginning of the school year will be registered in the new PTA
Meeting adjourned at 7:07

PTA Standing Rules

09-10 Lewis Standing Rules with Mark.pdf

Lewis PTA Meeting: September 21, 2011 – 6:30 pm

Reorganization Meeting

Lewis PTA recently learned that it has lost its tax exempt status due to a lapse in the filing of a required form and now must take steps to resolve the situation. The steps involve a meeting of the PTA Board and membership. In order to regain our tax-exempt status, a vote must be taken to dissolve the current PTA and begin a new one. A 45-day notice period starts after this meeting and then we will re-form the PTA, re-elect our board and move forward.

If you are a PTA member, please come to this meeting. Interested parents are also welcome to attend. Oregon PTA President Jackie Duvall will be attending to walk us through the process and answer questions.

Please note that this will NOT affect planned PTA events or fundraisers.

Lewis PTA Meeting Minutes: January 4, 2011

Lewis Elementary PTA Meeting-Tuesday, January 4, 2011
Lewis Cafeteria
Members: 23 Non-members: 5

President Jeanette Finley called meeting to order at 6:37 p.m.

Meeting minutes from December were presented for review and approved.

Group members introduced themselves.
Volunteers for upcoming events had the opportunity to sign-up for various fundraising and community building functions.

The updated budget (as of 1/4/11) was presented for review but appeared to not be complete. Questions regarding the budget can be directed to Bill Fitzgerald, treasurer, who was not able to attend the meeting.

Speaker: Kirstin Teigen (parent at Winterhaven school) addressed the PTA regarding the upcoming PPS bond measure. (She also noted the strong attendance at the Lewis PTA meeting.)

The $548M bond directly affects SE schools, especially those that feed to Cleveland. Cleveland’s structural update is estimated to take nine months, with all work completed within two years. In polling, 62% of respondents have a favorable feeling towards the bond measure.

Renovations will have a contingency plan in place for time/cost in contract.

Proposed Upgrades for Lewis

-security system

-new rigging for stage

-covered playground

-wooden playstructure replaced

-new furnace

-tech upgrades (SmartBoards)
Parent groups will be needed to get the word out about bond (phone banking and canvassing).
If bond passes, the rebuilding of Marysville would begin June 1, 2011.

See for more information regarding the bond and check with the office to a brochure detailing specifics. (Wrong pamphlet was brought to the meeting.)

Committee Reports
Lewis Dines Out for December was at Papa Murphys and raised over $400.

The next event will be January 11, 2011 at the Burgerville on Powell (by Cleveland).
Maria reported that the fundraising for 5th Grade Camp that started prior to Winter Break has been successful. Japanese erasers sold after school, at Family Dance, and Crafty Wonderland have raised $2500 +/-, with $605 profit from Crafty Wonderland.

On Fridays (starting on 1/7) 5th graders will be running a Student Store in the Cafeteria from 3-3:30pm. They will be selling Japanese erasers and healthy snacks.

OMSI has donated $40 per student for 5th Grade Camp.

Erasers, Smencils, and Chinook books have raised $6007 of the $18,600 goal. There will also be a roller skating party and rummage sale to raise money.

On Thursdays, Maria will be in the 5th grade hall so that students may deposit money into their individual accounts. Check with her for times.
For the fourth year, Daniel will host Bingo Night. There will be short games and lots of prizes for kids. He is looking for six volunteers:

Two for popcorn, two for selling other concessions, and two for clean up. He is also looking for someone who might have a connection to a pizza restaurant so that we might get some donated.

Maika is currently purchasing books for the library in conjunction with Tori (from library fund) $500 towards new carpeting was donated from a former Lewis student, total cost is estimated at $3000, unknown when/if new carpeting will happen.
Wallace Book Sale-Per Maika, we made $200. 10% of sales went directly to Lewis. It is too hard to redeem credits from Scholastic, and Sarah K. mentioned it is possible to cash out as an option.

There will be a used book sale 6/9 and 6/10, in conjunction with End of Year Picnic. A flier was available at the PTA meeting, please contact Maika at with questions.
Reader Board-no update at this time, more info may be available at next PTA meeting.

January 4, 2011 PTA Meeting Agenda…

Lewis Elementary PTA General Meeting Agenda
Date: Jan 4th 2011

Call to order (6:30)

Reading of prior Meeting minutes & approval (6:30)

Financial Report (6:35)


Kirstin Teigen


Bond Measures
Committee Reports (6:55)

Lewis Eats Out

5th grade camp

Bingo Night
Announcements (7:10)

Library funds
New Business (7:15)

Adjournment (7:20)

December PTA Meeting Minutes

Below are the minutes from the December 2, 2010 Lewis PTA meeting…

Lewis Elementary PTA Meeting-Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Lewis Cafeteria

Members: 15 Non-members: 2

President Jeanette Finley called meeting to order at 6:36 p.m.

Meeting minutes from November were presented for review and approved.

Treasurer Bill Fitzgerald presented updated budget, noted there will be an added line item for Art Attack curriculum of $1337.

Budget is always available for up to date viewing at:

-We made a small profit at the PJ Dance; profit numbers are coming in from recent events (Holiday Bazaar, etc)

Speaker: Tim Lauer-Presented information regarding School Modernization bond measure that will appear on May 2011 election ballot. For Lewis, proposed improvements over time include: converting boiler to natural gas, covered outdoor play area, increased ADA accessibility, updated learning technology, redo rigging on stage, and building security/keyless entry. For more info: and click on “School Modernization” link.

Committee Reports

-Patty Jay will chair the Talent Show this year/next year. Proposed date is May 13th with rehearsals to start sometime in April. We are looking for a person to run sound.

Lewis Dines Out
Pappachino’s raised $290 and tonight’s fundraiser is Papa Murphy’s.(12/7)

Holiday Bazaar
Jen Neitzel discussed communication issue with treasurer that resulted in extended delays meeting deadlines to pay vendors. Vendors extremely disappointed they were not paid in a timely manner, we need better communication and safeguards put in place so this does not occur again. PTA board will coordinate with Jen to follow-up with vendors to listen to their future needs (survey?), and board will send out letter expressing accountability/apology.

One idea is for lead person chairing event to mentor person who takes over the following year.

Family Dance
Cyndi reported the dance went smoothly, we need to coordinate chair/event earlier in the year, did make small profit this year.

Communications Committee
Rebecca reports that the Jan. PTA meeting will include inviting volunteers for remaining school events this year, open house/mixer prior to meeting start, reintroduce PTA board, invite people to join.

Book Fair
This Thursday/Friday, Wallace Books (parent of child at Lewis) will be in library before and after school (8:30-9:00 a.m. and 2:45-3:30 p.m.) We switched to local vendor from Scholastic due to challenge of spending Scholastic funds. Percentage of funds donated from Wallace Books sale to be determined and will be reported in Lewis newsletter.

Grant Writing
Julie LaRoche reports the focus this year is to support technology, replace teacher’s laptops. The tree planting project is looking to raise funds to complete Phase II which involves a bioswale on north side of parking lot and “Lewis Gateway” entrance for bikes with signage and a gravel path to promote bike safety. Projected total need is $26K, we’ve received $8,800 in grants.

5thGrade Camp
Maria reports we have a $5000 gap in funding for camp to make up for private donation that was given in the past. It costs $18,600 for every student/chaperone to attend Camp Attitude May 31st-June 3rd. Upcoming fundraising events to support scholarship fund/general fund include Student Store every Friday (starts after Winter Break), Japanese erasers at Crafty Wonderland, rummage sale (organized by Angie Toops) and possibility of skate/pizza party at Mt. Scott (Cass).

Walk & Bike
Lenny needs helps/volunteers the first Thursday of every month. Next W/B day is Jan. 6th.


  • Daniel will do Bingo night this year.
  • According to Julia, trees are arriving Feb 7th with planting starting on the 8th. Help is needed and each classroom will have an opportunity to plant a tree.
  • Helping Hands-the current people who provide this service will be retiring this year, we need new people to help out teachers on Mondays, and the school is planning a special thank you.
  • Jason Franke requested two large stockpots and spoons for parents who cook for events and the motion was approved.

Meeting adjourned at 7:50 p.m.

Oona Baker
PTA Secretary

Dec 2010 Minutes

Holiday Bazaar Update

Our Holiday Bazaar that was held last month raised over $5000 dollars for programs at Lewis Elementary School. We would like to acknowledge and thank our many volunteers who made the event possible, and would especially like to thank the many vendors who took part and donated a portion of their proceeds to our school.
We would also like to apologize for the delay that vendors experienced in receiving their payment. Through a communication error, checks were delayed and we regret that this happened. The PTA has already taken steps to make sure that in the future this does not happen, but we again apologize for the delay and our PTA Board is contacting vendors to personally express our regret and to express how much we value the support of our Bazaar vendors.