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Lunch Time Extension

This year we have added 5 minutes to each of our two lunch periods. Students now have 25 minutes for lunch in the cafeteria and 25 minutes of lunch time recess. In addition to the extended time, lunch time staff make a point of moving around the cafeteria to encourage students to eat their lunches. We would like parents to discuss this with their children and help reinforce the importance of a good lunch and encourage them to finish the majority of their lunch. We appreciate your support with this.

School Lunch...

Our First Week…

This week we had a great start to the school year. Wednesday saw our first – fifth grade students return to school, along with several new students. It was a day of learning new routines and making new friends.

Friday was the first day for our kindergarten students. I had the opportunity to visit each of our kindergarten classrooms Friday morning and it was great to see the excitement on the faces of the children, and also a hint of sadness on the faces of their parents. They do grow up very quickly.

A reminder to our Kindergarten families that the Lewis PTA is sponsoring a Kindergarten Social, on Tuesday, Sept. 11, 2012 at 6:00 pm on the playground. This is an opportunity for families to meet one another and to learn about the work of our PTA. Ice cream will be served.

As we start the school year I would like to acknowledge the work and service of our 5th grade Safety Patrol students, and of our 3rd and 4th grade lunch helpers. I am proud of the service that these students provide to their fellow classmates and believe these programs not only provide a much needed helping hand, but also provide an opportunity for students to gain responsibility and contribute to the larger school community. Please join me in thanking these students for their service.

Tim Lauer

Kindergarten Social

On Tuesday, September 13, 2011 our Lewis PTA welcomed officially welcomed our new kindergarten families with a social on the Lewis Playground. The event provided families an opportunity to meet and get acquainted as we begin the 2011-2012 school year. We thank our PTA and PTA Board members for their support of this event.


Budget and Staffing Update

At this date we don’t know exactly what kind of staffing cut we face at Lewis, but we do anticipate that we will be required to make staffing reductions based on the current budget projections. In anticipation of this, on Wednesday, April 6, 2011 we sent home a short parent survey to provide families an opportunity to share their staffing priorities With this survey I hope to gather information as to the budget priorities reflected in the larger Lewis community. A copy of the survey can be obtained in the school office and is also available online at:

Mrs. Gould to Retire…

Dear Lewis Community,

It is with a bittersweet feeling that I share with you the news that Kathy Gould will retire from teaching at the end of the school year.

Mrs. Gould’s career as an educator began in 1975. She started at Lewis as a student teacher and continued on as a classroom teacher. She is recognized by her peers and by the larger Portland education community as a master teacher who provides her students with experiences and opportunities that not only help them learn, but also help them become better people.

In my years as a teacher and school administrator I have met few educators as effective or knowledgeable as she. The students, staff and families of Lewis Elementary have had the benefit of her knowledge and deep commitment to education for the past 35 years. She has touched the lives of so many children. Her dedication and commitment will be something that I, and the Lewis community, will miss as she leaves the classroom and retires.

Please join me in thanking her for her commitment to Lewis and to Portland Public Schools.

Tim Lauer

North Hallway

Recently we have had some adults coming to school quite early to pick up students and waiting on the benches under the 1962 mural in the north hallway. This has presented a bit of a problem with the instructional use of this area. As of today we have instituted a new policy regarding this area. The eastside doors next to the glass case and the Glennwood doors will not be opened until 2:55 pm. I have posted a sign that indicates this and also indicates that adults visiting the school should not be in this area until after 2:55. Adults arriving before 2:55 and wanting to wait for their students, will be directed to the office area to wait there until 2:55.

Fire Lane

Parking Lot Situation and our Fire lane: PLEASE DO NOT BLOCK THE FIRE LANE
A reminder that we will soon be enforcing a no parking policy in the fire lane area in the parking lot. Recently we have begun to post informational “tickets” on car windshields that are parked in the fire lane. Today the fire lane area began to be painted and we plan to enforce the no parking policy starting next week…