Google Doodle Today: Dr. Jonas Salk


From time to time, Google uses their doodle, the graphic on their front page, to highlight a person of note. Today Google celebrated the 100th anniversary of the birth of Dr. Jonas Salk, a pioneer in the development of a vaccine to prevent polio. For those of us of certain age, we can remember friends and family members that suffered from polio before the advent of a vaccine. 

“Dr. Jonas Salk himself was a humble man and never patented the vaccine, forgoing an immeasurable fortune. When asked who owned the patent, Salk said it was the people that owned it, adding,”Could you patent the sun?” “

Happy 100th, Dr. Jonas Salk!

You can learn more about the creation of the doodle by following the link below.
Salk Doodle.

To learn about the life and work of Dr. Salk, please follow this link. Dr. Jonas Salk