Rain Garden Fence


Last year we were fortunate to be involved with Depave on a project that removed a good section of our playground which allowed us to plant a rain garden. One thing we noticed right away was that the rain garden was a magnet for playground balls from the four square area. We installed a temporary fence and that worked in the short term, but a more long term solution was called for.

Our good friends at Depave offered up funds to construct a fence around the section where the balls most frequently rolled. One of their volunteers, Jason Tuenge, came up with a design, and Depave came up with the funding for materials. Jason started work in August. He, along with a few others, have been volunteering their time on weekends to work on the project, and we are happy to report that he is just about finished. One more weekend and he should be done.

We thank Jason and the Depave volunteers for their support.