Garden Fair News…

Garden and Art Fair – Saturday May 3rd
The Garden Fair is only 25 days away and the PTA needs your help to make it a success!!  These big fundraisers need lots of volunteers to make them work and volunteering is a GREAT way to get to know other parents.  Please sign up for a two-hour slot and help the PTA raise the money that we need to pay for the programs that benefit all the students at Lewis and make new friends!  The sign up sheets are posted outside Tracy’s office, on the PTA bulletin board outside the dip, and at the other school entrances/exits.  

We also have a SignUpGenius for those of you who can’t make it in to school.  The address is:

Are you an artist or a crafter?  Could you donate something you’ve created to the Lewis Family Table at the Garden and Art Fair?  All proceeds from the Lewis Family Table will support the programs that the PTA provides for all of our Lewis students!  Please drop the donations off at the office by 5/2/2014.  Thanks!  If you have questions, contact Shawn at