PPS Seeking Qualified Substitute Paraeducators

The PPS Substitute Office will be holding an informational session and conducting interviews for a Special Education Classroom Support Staff on Thursday, December 5, from 8:30 – 11:30 a.m. at the Blanchard Education Service Center. 501 N. Dixon St. Portland OR in the foyer on the first floor.

We are currently seeking qualified candidates interested in becoming substitute paraeducators. Minimum qualifications include a current application in the SearchSoft system and two years (48 semester/72 quarter units) of college. Further details and requirements are available in the job posting.

Please refer any interested candidates to the Human Resources website to apply for the event. Flyers for the event will also be distributed to school sites to be posted. If you know someone that would like to become a substitute paraeducator and would like more information, they can contact the Substitute Office at 503-916-3330 during their business hours.
Becky Gilson, HR Specialist, Substitute Office?bgilson@pps.net