Kindergarten Update

On Monday, September 9, 2013, we welcomed our kindergarten students to school at Lewis. We started the year with 2 classrooms, but with 3 teachers. Patricia Brent, our new 3rd kindergarten teacher, was in both rooms all week, helping Teacher Camille and Teacher Dana set up their classrooms and welcome our students. We started the year with Patricia Brent working to support are very large kindergarten classes with the hope that we would be granted permission from the District to create a 3rd session of Kindergarten. Earlier this week we got official word that we could add the 3rd session based on our enrollment.

We have been working over the past few days to set up our new classroom, and plan to have our 3 classrooms meet on Monday. This adjustment will require that we split our 2 classrooms into 3. I anticipate that this transition will be smooth, since Teacher Patricia already knows the students and has been working with them this past week. Teacher Patricia has been working at Lewis for the past 6 years. She has worked as a long term sub in a number of our classroom and has worked to support Teacher Dana on many occasions. I am very happy that she has agreed to join our staff and help support our kindergarten program.

While this situation is not ideal, I believe that we have managed this in a way to make students and families feel comfortable with their individual kindergarten teacher. On Friday we will be contacting families that will be transitioning to Teacher Patricia’s classroom and plan to start on Monday with 3 sessions of kindergarten that are of a size that will allow for individual attention and support.

I greatly appreciate the work of our Kindergarten staff to make this positive step to provide our Kindergarten students with an experience that will help of them excel.

Tim Lauer