Project Second Wind: Oregon Food Bank

Please note that Project Second Wind starts this week… We are accepting donations starting Monday, February 25, 2013

This year our 4th grade classrooms will be leading our Project Second Wind effort on behalf of the Oregon Food Bank.

Hunger remains at record levels in Oregon and southwest Washington, disrupting the lives of 260,000 people per month. Of those, 85,800 are children. Whether it involves skipping meals, eating less than is needed to live a healthy life, or making due with foods that are filling but not nutritious, hunger’s effects can be devastating.

Project Second Wind, the Oregon Food Bank’s annual food drive, will come to Lewis School the week of Feb. 25-March 1. Bring your donations (see below for guidelines on what is needed) to your homeroom and volunteers from 4th grade will come around each morning to weigh, record, and box up your classes donations.

Please join the Oregon Food Bank and Lewis School as we lead the fight against hunger in our communities.

Most Wanted Foods & What Not To Collect

We need these nutritious foods:

  • canned meats (i.e., tuna, chicken, salmon)
  • canned and boxed meals (i.e., soup, chili, stew, macaroni and cheese)
  • peanut butter and other nut butters
  • canned or dried beans and peas (i.e., black, pinto, lentils)
  • pasta, rice, cereal
  • canned fruits and vegetables 100 percent fruit or vegetable juice (canned, plastic or boxed)
  • cooking oil
  • shelf stable milk

Please consider donating healthy, low fat and low sugar products
Oregon Food Bank can’t use:

To ensure food safety, we CANNOT use:

  • rusty or unlabeled cans
  • perishable items
  • homemade items
  • noncommercial canned or packaged items
  • alcoholic beverages, mixes or soda
  • open or used items
  • PLEASE NOTE: If you donate glass products, please box or bag them separately and label the box or bag “GLASS” on all sides.